Dr. Pillai’s Karuppaswamy Miracle Mind Initiation: All Inclusive


“Karuppaswamy is love incarnate. He doesn’t tolerate poverty, ill health, or loneliness among people. He feels the problem as though he is going through it himself. He doesn’t want that to happen, so he heals the person or provides financial assistance and performs many miracles.” – Dr. Pillai

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Begin the Vedic New Year by embarking on a journey to divine intelligence and miraculous powers with Dr. Pillai. This exclusive session is an in-depth exploration of Karuppaswamy’s teachings, designed to elevate your mind and spirit beyond the ordinary. This package includes grand remedy ceremonies to further empower the beginning of a new year of Karuppaswamy miracles.

What you Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Karuppaswamy Miracle Mind Initiation (April 13), 10 am EDT
  • 2 Activation Sessions with Kalkidas Siddhar Apr 20, 2024 8 pm EDT & Apr 27, 2024 8 pm EDT.
  • Vedic New Year & Karuppaswamy Statue Installation Ceremonies Advanced Combo Package