Fast-Track Varahi: Month I-III | Premier


“At every yuga (a period of time that is comprised of tens of thousands of years, and then the world goes through the cycle), new beings come into being. You would be able to relate to those gods because they are more dependable. You can relate to them more because they understand the need of the time. And that God or Goddess is Varahi.  

Varahi is the God that understands the predicament of the scientific mind of our current period on this earth plane.” — Dr. Pillai






Receive three initiation from Dr. Pillai on how you can change the lethargic karma and fast-track your life with Varahi, learn about the powerful time to invoke, pray and meditate upon Varahi, and learn about Varahi’s practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

What You Receive: 

  • 3  Initiation with Dr. Pillai
    Varahi Speeds Up Time and Mind 
    Time, Substances Associated with Varahi 

    Varahi’s Practical Knowledge & Spiritual Wisdom