Full Moon of the Guru 2024: Premier—Virtual


Break free from the past and create the New You! This powerful program will guide you through a transformational process, using techniques typically reserved only for those from the Siddha lineage, guided by Siddha Master Dr. Pillai.



“What I will teach is how you can control time, control the mind, control the body, control your finances, control your relationship, all because of a new understanding. I am reviving this understanding of how you can succeed without getting involved in working hard or thinking hard, but rather surrendering to the forces in the Universe, particularly the Guru. The Guru does everything on your behalf. All you have to do is surrender. 


The concept of surrender is somewhat tricky because nobody wants to surrender to anyone. But surrender means surrendering your ego, which is your misconceived identity, and when you lose that identity, you are one with God, one with the Universe.” — Dr. Pillai


What You Receive:

  • July 18 Guru Pradosham Virtual Session with Dr. Pillai
  • July 20 Morning Session with Dr. Pillai
  • July 20 Afternoon Immersion Session with a Pillai Center Teacher
  • July 20 Evening Session with Dr. Pillai
  • July 21 Morning Session with Dr. Pillai