Full Moon of the Guru 2024: Single Session (Virtual) Guru Pradosham Karma-Removal Session


“Karmic impressions are in the soul and also in the brain. If you do not erase them, then you will run the course of that karma. Once you have erased it, then you will be relieved from that karma.” — Dr. Pillai



Pradosham is the 13th Moon counted from both the New Moon and the Full Moon. The waxing 13th Moon and the waning 13th Moon are called the Pradosham. During Guru Pradosham, Cosmic energy is believed to be especially potent for dispelling karma. Dr. Pillai will guide participants through special meditations and mantras that aim to clear past karma and accelerate spiritual growth.


What  you receive:


  • Guru Pradosham Virtual Session with Dr. Pillai