Full Moon of the Guru 2024: Single Session (Virtual) Unlock Prosperity and Fulfillment


“Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, is eternally smiling. She is refusing to accept anything that is not happiness. She wants the best of everything. She is the embodiment of it. The best clothes, the best jewelry, the best everything. She doesn’t compromise on anything at all. It’s easy to focus on her. It’s easy to talk to her. It’s not convoluted, it’s very, very easy. You can have her statue. You can have a big picture of her. You can talk to her right away.”  — Dr. Pillai



The eight forms of Lakshmi are collectively called Ashtalakshmi, as “ashta” means eight. Embrace this exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets to a prosperous and fulfilling life, transform your destiny, and embrace boundless blessings during this sacred retreat.


What  you receive:


  • Virtual session with Dr. Pillai: Invocation of the Eight Forms of Lakshmi