Golden Ganesha Blessing


Join Dr. Pillai to receive initiation into the Golden Ganesha, Heramba Ganapati. The initiation will take place on the first 14th Moon after Ganesha’s Birthday. This is considered to be an extremely significant and powerful time to access Ganesha’s grace.



“The Golden Ganesha, Heramba Ganapati, is a special form of Ganesha with five elephant heads. He is in charge of gold, mountains of gold. He will give you so much gold that it is impossible to spend all of it. Gold is real money. Heramba Ganapati will find a way to bring money and resources to you.” – Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • On Demand Session with Dr. Pillai
  • Audio and PDF downloads
  • Lifetime Access to Content on Pillai Center Academy