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Millionaire Yoga Lite


Courses Included

Money is freedom. Without enough money you’re forced to work a job you don’t enjoy and live within a budget. If money were not an issue, you would no longer be confined to a limited reality. Imagine what the world would be like if people like you had enough money to make a difference? Not only could you live in freedom, but you could help others to do the same.

Introducing Millionaire Yoga Lite, a unique brain empowerment program that will lead you step by step to activate the Millionaire’s Brain.

“The Millionaire’s brain has a different neurology. Becoming a millionaire is a matter of activating the mid-brain and taming the negative cortex.”

Taught by an Enlightened Master, the Millionaire Yoga Lite program consists of special sound frequencies and advanced conceptualization techniques used by Yogic scientists to stimulate, strengthen, and awaken ordinarily more dormant parts of the brain.

Six Ancient Techniques To Attain The Millionaire’s Brain

1. Manifest From The Midbrain
2. Reset Your Money Frequencies
3. Cleanse Your Negative Cortex
4. Ignite Your Goals With Passion
5. Synchronize With The Millionaire’s Brain
6. Enhance Your Focus And Positivity

  • 6 Downloadable Audio Teachings
  • 6 Downloadable Audio Meditations
  • 6 Downloadable Text Companion Summaries
  • 6 Downloadable Goal Setting Guides and Worksheets
  • Exclusive Millionaire Yoga Customer Support
  • Exclusive Millionaire Yoga Lite Community Forum

Each Session Comes With Downloadable Audios Of The Teachings And Meditations. You can listen to the audio tracks in your car, bus or plane. While you exercise, wait, or sleep, you can log onto the Millionaire’s Brain wherever you are. While you are at home relaxing, you can watch the videos at your leisure, or pop on your headphones and drift away into the audio recordings for a profound experience.

Follow each session in order, choose one you’d like to focus on, or mix and match to create a practice that works for you. This program is designed for you to study at your own, comfortable pace.