Mystery School Asia 2024 Quarter 1 Monthly Payment

$182.00 / month for 3 months

Dr. Pillai has declared that 2024 will be the year for the unfolding of the Satya Yuga (Golden Age). The Divine energies of the Satya Yuga (Golden Age) will dramatically accelerate your potential to attain a divine mind and a divine body,

In Mystery School Asia 2024, you will be mentored and guided towards becoming a modern-day Siddha with siddhi (supernormal) powers so that you can manifest what you need for yourselves and your loved ones.



I am here to teach you that you are literally God, which means that you have all the powers of all Gods. I am simply here to guide you until such time that you realize the truth in your body – mind and activities.” — Dr. Pillai

What you receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Live Blessing Sessions
  • Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2022 Initiations
  • Weekly Channeled Proxy Prayer Sessions
  • One LIVE Initiation Session each month with Angali Siddhar or Swarna Bhairavi or a LIVE Rare, Exclusive Temple Ritual.
  • Coaching by AstroVed’s Most Experienced Astrologers
  • Individual Manifestation Reading to Identify Your 2024 Manifestations for Finance, Career, Health and Family
  • Audio Downloads of all Teachings and Meditations
  • LIVE Rare, Exclusive Rituals at key Powertimes to invoke Premier Gods and Goddesses for Break-Through Solutions