Take Control of Your Life


The most important aspect of taking control of your life is your ability to receive miracles. Miracles help you accomplish the seemingly impossible and in ways that are beyond human conception. The problem is, unless your mindset is changed it will block them. Once you accomplish this first, all-important step, you will have the potential to change every area of your life.

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“Unlimited wealth, abundant health, abundant happiness, real happiness is in giving things to other people. Only when we have things will we be able to give to others. We want to reflect only abundance.” — Dr. Pillai

During an in-person seminar for the Vedic New Year in 2018, Dr. Pillai revealed secret teachings and techniques specifically to harness the power of this time. This is the first time they are being made available in an online course.

The Take Control of Your Life program delves deep into five topics in five modules (plus a sixth BONUS resource module) where you can receive initiation and tap into the energy channeled by Dr. Pillai.

Below are the modules described briefly.


Module 1: Changing Your Brain to Receive Miracles
In this module, Dr. Pillai gives initiation into a never before released mantra to globally activate your brain and restructure it to receive miracles.

Module 2: Taking Control of Your Life
In this module, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to empower a thought to become a “super thought,” and a technique to heal diseases in specific areas of your body.

Module 3: Erasing Your Past and Creating from the Navel Chakra
In this module, Dr. Pillai gives an initiation to delete your human limitations and empower your navel so you can manifest and know things instantaneously.

Module 4: Operating from the Heart to Attract Abundance
In this module, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to move to the fourth state of consciousness where duality ends, and love blossoms.

Module 5: Access the Power of the Shreem Brzee Machine
In this module, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to access the power of the Shreem Brzee Machine to directly connect with the Shreem Brzee Goddess, and download her consciousness into your own.

Module 6: Manifesting Resources
In this module, Dr. Pillai teaches you a powerful karma removal technology to accelerate your transformation.


When you enroll in the program, you will receive:

  • In-Depth Modules As Listed Above
  • Full Lecture Audio Downloads
  • Meditation and Mantra Loop Audio Downloads
  • PDF Transcript of All Audios
  • Daily Practice Recommendations
  • Program Support Via Email