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Astral Travel to Shiva’s Heaven: All-Inclusive


“The night of Shiva is a defining moment in the life of a spiritual aspirant. It is the time that you can quit your mind, quit your logic, quit your sense experiences, and get identified with the Divine consciousness of Godhead. It is a defining moment in one’s life. It is loaded with power and possibilities.” — Dr. Pillai

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Participate in a series of transformative rituals and ceremonies led by Dr. Pillai and Pillai Center teachers to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva during the auspicious time of Shivaratri. Dr. Pillai will perform a Shiva hydration ritual and initiate participants into the powerful mantra Om Namashivaya, believed to have profound effects on consciousness and well-being. 

Additionally, a pooja and hydration ceremony conducted by Sucharita aims to attract divine presence and support for karma removal and enlightenment, while an interactive group fire lab will involve chanting mantras and offerings to harmonize with the elements and invoke Shiva’s presence. Follow-up immersions with Sucharita offer ongoing support in applying Dr. Pillai’’s teachings to daily life beyond Shivaratri.

Advanced Proxy Powerspot Remedies conducted by trained specialists at sacred spots in India offer a deep connection to Shiva for blessings for debt clearance, financial abundance, and the resolution of karma.

What You Receive:

  •  Dr. Pillai’s Astral Travel to Kailash & Hydration Ceremony
  • Pooja & Hydration Ceremony with Sucharita
  • Interactive Group Fire Lab with Swamini Valli
  • 1 Follow-Up Immersion with Sucharita
  • Advanced Proxy Powerspot Remedies