Divine Autopilot Program


Transform Your Body, Mind, and Soul with the Installation of Shiva’s Intelligence into Your Brain and Breath.




“Shiva is the Archetype of Enlightenment. Nothing else matters to Him. By Shiva’s standard, the life on Earth has only one purpose and that is to evolve, to get rid of your individual Ego identity, to get rid of your Maya, attraction of the world of the senses, and then also your Karma, which is the sum total of the good and bad that you have done over many, many lifetimes.” – Dr. Pillai

In Dr. Pillai’s Divine Autopilot program, receive a secretive form of Archetype Shiva’s mantra that can place you on “Divine Autopilot” – empowering your brain, enlightening your soul, and guiding you even while you sleep.

Enroll in the program today and gain immediate access to the mantra and practice instructions that can put your evolution and the manifestation of your desires on Divine Autopilot.

In this program, you will have access to:

  • Teachings & techniques direct from Dr. Pillai, originally channeled during Shivaratri, a potent Shiva powertime.
  • A powerful mantra that holds the key to unlocking Shiva’s divine powers within you.
  • All the support you need to awaken the Divine Autopilot inside you, and begin living a more joyful life, with ease and grace.

Discover how you can access Archetype Shiva’s divine power to steer you in the direction of your Soul’s desires, evolution, and empowerment.

With your enrollment in the Divine Autopilot program, you will receive:

  • 24/7 online course access
  • Video teachings from Dr. Pillai
  • Secretive mantras empowered by Dr. Pillai for accessing Shiva’s archetypal power within you
  • Audio meditation tracks for your daily practice
  • Audio mantra loop tracks to enhance and strengthen your practice