Light Body Activation


Through the Grace of the Divine, Dr. Pillai is giving you the opportunity to receive his unconditional gift of love. This new and exciting 6-week program shares the evolutionary teachings of his Light Body Program. This program fulfills his wish that everyone who is ready has access to these powerful, transformational teachings and the opportunity to evolve and grow both spiritually and materially.



Experience the 3 Steps to Ultimate Evolution:

Deconstruct Old Patterns and Clear Obstacles to experience a new reality.
These ancient techniques will clear both personal and ancestral Karma allowing you to experience a new reality.

Learn to Manifest Anything you desire at the Speed of Light.
Discover how the Yogis and Siddhas were able to manipulate time to instantaneously bring into existence the reality they wanted to experience.

Awaken your inner Light Being to achieve higher states of consciousness.
Through the use of powerful mantras you will bring ever increasing amounts of Light into your Being, stimulating specific areas of the brain to allow you to reach higher states of consciousness and intelligence.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive When You Join Light Body Activation program today:

• Video of Dr. Pillai’s Core Light Body Technique
• A Guide To Your Daily Routine for Spiritual and Material Growth
• The Secret Siddha Practice for Attracting Wealth
• Knowledge of The Powerful Siddha Herb To Raise Consciousness
• Video of Dr. Pillai’s Powerful NEW Karma Dissolving Technique
• Daily Karma Dissolving Technique [Audio]
• 2 Daily Meditation Practice Videos
• 2 Daily Meditation Practice Audios
• Complete Video and Audio Transcripts
• Practice Reference Guide

PLUS Six Bonus Mantra’s

• Remove Obstacles In Life
• Create A Disease Free Body
• The Greatest Mantra for Light Body
• Provide Strength and Energy
• Remove The Constraints of Time
• Protection Meditation by Dr. Pillai

Receive Dr. Pillai’s Help and Support. Bring More Light and Consciousness Into Your Body.